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Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Child is born with the love of Parents, so why he faces the Violence of Parents, Just because they are Parents.

I was 2 years old, just roaming around the home. I got a Pen in the drawer and i started playing with the same. I was wondering how the pen is working and how inks comes out. So i opened the pen and took out the refill and other parts of the pen.

But I was unable to fix the pen parts, as is lost one of the parts, there my DAD enters the room and he saw me with the pen which was damaged. The first thing my dad was he slapped me. I was scared like he will kill me now only. He was telling me that pen is costing 10 Rs, and i don't know the value of the money. Today I wonder that how a 2 years child knows the value of 10 Rs.

I only wanted to convey the message to Parents, instead of looking at the mistake of the child, look at why the Child did that mistake, what made that child to do that task.

Today I can see that even teen age, parents also make a silly mistake, so how can you except the child to have a super power of being perfection. Child only learns from whatever they see at the home and the society. So please don't blame the innocents.


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